NAMM 2015: Volanti Displays

Volanti Displays makes their debut at NAMM 2015 with the unveiling of The CUBE Gen2.

NAMM 2015
NAMM 2015


NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants is a not-for-profit association that promotes the benefits of making music and helps strengthen the global music industry. NAMM serves as a hub for people wanting to seek the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. See More


Volanti Cube Gen2
The CUBE Gen2

On January 22nd to 25th Volanti Displays made its much-anticipated debut at the NAMM show hosted at the Convention Center located in beautiful Anaheim, California. Music industry based companies from all around the world filled the mega convention center to showcase their latest and greatest products and technologies. Alongside industry giants such as Gibson, Pioneer and Moog, Volanti Displays looked to make a splash with their high performance LCD display technology.

Volanti Displays introduced NAMM attendees to LCD ‘on-stage’ displays with a variety of Mobile/Transportable Video Wall solutions, Mobile 84” 4K Touch Displays, and their newly unveiled CUBE. THE CUBE Gen2 is a multi-dimensional video cube that takes stage visuals to an entirely new level. The CUBE Gen2 not only wow’d spectators and industry buffs but also encouraged onlookers to imagine the possibilities of live shows with LCD displays and video walls.

“The idea of breaking into an artist based market with a revolutionary product was not only exciting but ideal!” explains Billy Barnes, Art Director for Volanti Displays. “It was truly amazing to see just how excited the industry was about our displays. There is always that little bit of fear when it comes to how something like the CUBE will be received by people who live and breathe the industry. But to see the excitement and all the ideas of how to incorporate it into all fields of the business made for a truly remarkable experience.”

Perhaps one of the Volanti booth highlights of the week was the musical performance by both AMP LIVE of Zion I Crew and DOT of TeamSupreme. Both recording artists hung out, signed autographs, and treated the attendees to hour-long on/off sets while audio analyzed visuals on Volanti’s displays provided for a spectacular backdrop.

“I think it is important to give performing artists options as to how they want to go about setting up their onstage visual aids. High definition displays and video cubes will not only open doors for more visual options but also give the artist the capability to cater to the various venues sizes,” Michael Sarich, Business Development Manger for Volanti Displays explains. “We will be adding an acrylic cover to the CUBE so artists can stand or sit or rest equipment like samplers / turntables / mixers on the top surface. Another feature we will be adding to the CUBE is a multi-touch interface. This will allow artists the ability to control samples through MIDI or have the cube interacting with various touch cues.”

Amp Live AbletonLive
Amp Live demoing AbletonLive on the 84″ Touch
DOT Live at NAMM
Dot Performs Live at the Volanti Booth


In the past the idea of setting up a video wall as a visual aid may have seemed cumbersome to many a stage hands but this year Volanti brought NAMM attendees up close and personal with their line of ‘pop and go’ mobile and transportable video walls. Now more mobile and lighter than ever, Volanti’s Video Walls come preconfigured and ready to rock and roll.

The FORZA Mobile Video Wall comes standard with rolling heavy-duty cases that act as the base of the video wall, easy to pop and show 55” LCD displays and an easy plug and play video source feature. This display was very popular with NAMM attendees who were more focused on venues and clubs. The ability to ‘pop and go’ within 15 minutes was a huge highlight among the guests. See More

The FORZA 84” 4K Multi-Touch Display combined with UniversLabs SuperLooper Application and Ableton Live encouraged attendees to step up and compose tracks or loop beats through sampled drum pads. Along with his live performance AMP LIVE also dropped a few of his tracks using Ableton Live and the 84” Multi-Touch Display. The mere sight of seeing someone dropping tracks via touch displays was enough to draw the attention from the mass who at once began to gather around and watch in awe. See More

The 2 X 2 Transportable Video Wall provided NAMM guests with the opportunity to rediscover how far transportable display technology has come. Four 55” HD LCD displays mounted on a rolling cart, perfect for mid level venues where mobility is important and display placement is key! See More

The CUBE Gen2 was by far the showstopper. The newly engineered CUBE Gen2 is a huge step up from its predecessor. Gen2’s sleeker more transportable design addressed the issues of a touring entertainer. Aside from the upgraded resolution ( 1920 x 1920 ) the Cube Gen2 made leaps and bounds when it comes to viewing angle. With an 89 degree viewing angle and ultra bright displays, this video display is sure to turn heads and grab eyes. See More

Volanti Displays is excited by what the future holds for LCD displays and live performing artists. Be sure to stay in touch with future shows as well as product releases and artist collaborations.

DOT Live at NAMM2015

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