Maximizing Video Wall ROI

Maximizing Video Wall ROI


Use of Video Wall Displays

The use of video wall displays is growing rapidly as costs have fallen and quality has improved, but there is still plenty of room for maximizing the benefit of an investment. The ability to relocate video walls means greater utilization and significantly higher ROI (return on investment).

 Main Methods for Mounting a Video Wall

  • Fixed installation
  • Movable Cart
  • Transportable cases and mounting
  • Mobile ‘pop-up’ video wall

 Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Method

Fixed Installation



  • Fixed installation is likely to be the lowest cost
  • Lack of handling makes it least likely to get damaged or require maintenance arising from handling
  • Mounting is usually fairly straightforward as there are many companies providing wall mounting systems
  • Chief, Peerless, Premier Mounts and Crimson are among the most well known


  • Can only be used where it’s installed
  • Lacks versatility


 Movable Cart



  • Movable cart allows for installation and set up of a video wall that then works as an assembled display


  • Can be wheeled around without disassembly that minimizes handling risks

Transportable Cases, Plus Mounting



  • Transportable cases can be used with a custom stand that is assembled where required; relative easy disassembly
  • Cases are robust and wheeled for easy handling. The mountings and displays can then be set-up wherever required


  • Must have custom stand available


Mobile ‘Pop-Up’ Video Wall



  • Offers the greatest mobility
  • Very easy set-up and take-down, usually 20 minutes or less
  • Transport cases provide protection for displays during transit
  • Mobility allows for easy outdoor use, with specified model


  • Mobile video wall limited to two display modules in height


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