Keyboard Tray (Informal) Weight Test

Not a formal test but we wanted to see how well our new keyboard tray for our 55″ and 65″ touch-screen monitors would hold up with a few exercise weights on it. The keyboard tray is adjustable for angle so we had it set to horizontal – as the photo shows it takes 40lbs, however it was beginning to tilt a bit. When we added an additional 10lb weight the tray flexed and the weights fell off.

Although the tray flexed under the weight there was no evidence of permanent bending or damage but we wouldn’t recommend leaving 40lbs on the tray – it was just interesting to see what it would take.

The keyboard tray attaches to the back of the monitor enclosure using 4 x M8 screws. All new models of the 55″ and 65″ touch-screen monitors have the mounting holes for this.

55" with keyboard tray and 40lb weights