Kanban & Touch Screens

Software Applications that Benefit From Large Touch-Screen Monitors… 

The word Kanban translates from Japanese as a sign, its use was as an instruction card sent along a production line. Like many pre-computer activities this has migrated to software and been modified to now being associated with project planning, Agile development and other activity planning & workflow processes. For example in Trello one of the views is the Kanban board that uses the card metaphor to present activities or stages in a process.

A quick search provided a link to a website (Software Advice) listing 40 applications associated with kanban software, Trello included. Some of these are primarily project management with kanban boards being one of the views while other applications are dedicated to the kanban process.

Here is an image from the Kanban Tool website show the activity ‘cards’ arranged by stages in project workflow:

Kanban Tool

UPDATE Mar 20, 2018: Tested the Volanti 32″ 4K touch-screen monitor mounted on a lectern together with kanban software, here showing Leankit that worked well with drag and drop of activities between categories.

leankit kanban software