How To Carry LCD Displays

Discussion: How To Carry / Handle LCD Displays


If your display appears to look like the Matrix opening title sequence, chances are that you have a damaged panel. Each display company has their own set of recommendations and how to’s when it comes to the ‘proper’ way to handle / transport LCD panels. In this blog we will provide what we believe is the best way to not only carry but to handle your LCD display. What some people don’t know is how vulnerable exposed LCD displays are to being damaged if not properly cared for.

Note: Applying optic bonded glass to displays helps add a protective layer to the display.

The LCD displays are vulnerable to breaking when corners bang against other displays like those in a video wall configuration, are rested improperly on the floor or against walls or when pressed on by objects / hands. It is important to always handle the LCD display with the utmost care.

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Do always ask for assistance when transporting / handling an LCD display.
  • Do always use the handles located on the back of the display to lift and carry.
  • Do always store LCD displays in their sleeves and foam protectors ( provided ).
  • Do always leave a 1mm air gap between displays in a video wall configuration.


  • Do not lift LCD displays out of the box by grabbing the front of the display.
  • Do not lie LCD panel face down on any surface.
  • Do not rest corners or edges against walls or floor.
  • Do not touch or press down on the LCD display surface.
  • Do not carry the LCD display upside down.
  • Do not grab the bottom of the display when lifting.



Transporting the LCD Display

When un-packaging your display please note the labels located inside of the inner box flap. To ensure the safety of the LCD panel never lift / transport without the assistance from another person. Begin by opening the protective panel sleeve and lift the LCD panel slowly and evenly out of the box while gripping the panel handles.

Note: Do not lift / carry the LCD panel by pulling on the display’s protective sleeve as you may cause a tear or run the risk of having it slip out of your hands. Once the display is properly held and secured by the handles, be sure to walk slowly towards your mounting solution.



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