Choosing a Plan Review Table & Options

We like to keep things easy so we have designed the Volanti Plan Review table with a selection of display sizes and options based on our many years of experience in this market. The following is a guide to the choices starting with the main item, the display size.

Display Size

For the table model there are three display sizes, 65″, 55″ and 43″, all expressed using the diagonal measurement (as with TVs). They are all Ultra-HD resolution 4K touch screens. Factors that may influence selection:

  • Space, see the image below showing the maximum widths for the table.
  • ARCH size equivalent, the image below comparing the display sizes to ARCH drawing sizes.
  • Usage, for example, single person, multiple people, or presentation
  • Budget

If you would like to speak with a specialist please call 408.500.3500 or send an inquiry.

volanti plan review table widths
Maximum width for each display size, 65″, 55″, 40″

Below is a comparison between screen sizes and ARCH sizes (architectural drawing size standards),

volanti display to arch size comparison
ARCH size comparison


Having decided on the main display size there are a number of optional extras, we consider each one separately:

  • Keyboard tray
  • Side monitor(s)
  • Webcam
  • Laptop tray
  • Accessory bracket
  • Power reel
  • Integrated PC
  • Battery backup
  • Equipment cover
  • Custom colors &/or logo
  • Additional customization
  • Road case

The reason we keep these as options is that over the years we have not seen any one standard configuration. Sure, some options are very much more popular than others but not 100% the case.

65″ model with all options

Keyboard Tray

This is popular but not everyone chooses it. The keyboard tray is wide enough for a full-width keyboard and a mouse. The friction hinges enable easy tilt adjustment to match the tilt of the display.

Side Monitor(s)

A side monitor, or one on each side, can be used to show other applications while keeping the main display dedicated to the main plan review task. The side monitor(s) we provide are 24″ diagonal screen size, Full-HD 1920×1080 resolution.


The webcam mounts to the middle of the top of the display and includes a microphone for conference calls.

Laptop Tray

An optional laptop tray can be fitted to either side. This uses the mounting point that can be either for the side monitor or the laptop tray. This is useful for users that like to connect a laptop. If the table is supplied with the graphics workstation the display can be switched between the laptop or the workstation using the buttons on the side of the display using a single press.

Accessory Bracket

The Accessory bracket fits on the accessory tray that is supplied as standard. It is used to mount the Power Reel and the Integrated PC graphics workstation.

Power Reel

Convenient for users that intend to move the plan review table from one room or location to another is a fully retractable power reel. This fits on the accessory bracket and can be covered by the equipment cover.

Integrated PC Graphics Workstation

A powerful Windows based graphics workstation suitable for the 4K touch screen display as well as the side monitors if added.

Battery Backup

We have two battery options, a lead-acid type backup battery that will provide about 30 minutes of backup power. The alternative is a Lithium battery providing a couple of hours of backup.

Equipment Cover

The equipment shelf carries the accessory bracket, power reel, PC graphics workstation, and battery backup. The equipment cover clips into place and is easy to remove for access.

Custom Colors &/or Logo

The Volanti display enclosure and table are made of powder-coated aluminum and steel. Our normal color is black, but users may prefer something that meets their corporate design.

In addition, the front panel can carry a custom logo. This front panel is held in place with magnets and is easily removed providing front access to the accessory shelf.

Other Customization

We would like to keep things simple but as we design and build these in-house we are able to offer customization to meet specific requirements.

We would be happy to discuss this, just call us on 408.500.3500 (PST timezone).

Showing the various options.

Road Case

Coming soon, an ATA style wheeled road case for transporting the plan review table.