Benefits of Lift & Tilt Touch-Screen

Using applications in the construction industry as the basis for examples of the benefits of the Volanti large high resolution touch screen workstation with lift & tilt, from table through to vertical display position, we can see its ability to adapt to different usage requirements, thus speeding up return on investment.

  1. Table mode: Certain type of construction planning drawings were previously reviewed as paper drawings spread out on a table, for example initial planning and zoning drawings. Maps are another example. Being able to view these in digital format being tremendous cost and functional benefits such as each of access, the ability to pan (move around a larger image) and zoom. The table mode ideal for this as parties are able to view from around the table.
  2. Angled or tilt mode / Discussion mode: As with an architect’s drafting table some types of plan will benefit from being viewed at an angle, for example there is a definite ‘up’ so it is best to have everyone viewing from the same direction, ideal for small team discussions and reviews. In addition having the display tilted is a comfortable and ergonomic working angle,  and good for viewing 3D renders or fly-throughs.
  3. Vertical or Presentation mode: This is ideal for presentations to a larger group of people. In this case typically only the presenter is interacting with the displays but many people are able to view it. This is also most likely the ideal viewing for classical presentations that may involve and type of content.

Noted below is a web page looking at the Volanti 65″ lift & tile workstation in the context of the construction industry. This includes a powerful solid-state HP workstation PC with a number of options to meet the needs of CAD and BIM users such as Nvidia graphics and high power CPUs.


Volanti lift-tilt touch workstation