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Forza Mobile Video Wall

Volanti Displays offers users the unique ability to take their Video Wall solution almost anywhere. With the Forza Mobile Video Wall, users can position, setup and showcase within 20 minutes. Whether your needs are for corporate video conferences, trade shows, charity events, live events such as concerts or auctions, the Forza Mobile Video Wall will provide you with a true mobile solution.

AV Rental Service ROI

The use of video wall displays is growing rapidly as costs have fallen and quality has improved, but there is still plenty of room for maximizing the benefit of Reseller / AV Rental investment. To get more use out of a video wall the ability to relocate it means greater utilization and thus significantly higher ROI ( Return of Investment ) and with the Forza’s robust ATA travel cases, the video walls are that much more protected as they travel from location to location.

AV rental houses are now looking for ways to meet the high demands of media savvy rental markets. No longer are events just about sound and lights, and with social media sharing platforms such as Tint, events are now turning into guest collaborations, making for a more interactive experience. From charity events and product unveilings to corporate gatherings and mixers, the video rental market is geared up to become a more heavily used medium.

The Forza Mobile Video Wall’s single HDMI video source input makes it easy to pop-up and go. Connect your laptop, media player or live camera feed directly to the preconfigured video wall HDMI splitter. Want to daisy chain the video wall so you can sync more than one video wall or display? No problem. Simply add another HDMI splitter to the video source signal and you’re able to split the input source for more connectivity.

AV Rental Video Wall
AV Rental Forza Video Wall with TINT Social Media Sharing

Non-Profit AV Rentals

AV rental services can provide video wall support for speeches, presentations and large gatherings in the non-profit sector. AV video wall rentals can provide the perfect visual centerpiece for a fundraising effort or as a way to communicate to a broader audience.

Party AV Rentals

AV rental services can play an intricate part when it comes to setting up the perfect party, wedding or outdoor movie night. Display the bride and groom’s video collage of ‘The Road To Our Big Day’ or capture your favorite moments of the party as guests post live photos and personalized messages directly to the Forza Video Wall. Host a movie night at your local church or social gathering during those warm summer nights.

Corporate AV Rentals

AV Video Wall Rental
AV Rental for Seminars

Whether renting to companies who are conducting audience response polling systems or retailers who are unveiling their newest products at trade show booths, the Forza mobile video wall will add that extra level of dynamics. Set up, showcase and breakdown within 20 minutes with no more than two people. Perfect for pharmaceutical industry meetings, seminars and company hosted parties.

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Forza Video Wall Specs
Forza Video Wall Specs