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Touch-Screen Tables

Touch-Screen Tables

42"  55"  65" Display Sizes

65" 55" 42"

High quality large touch screen tables with powerful workstation options for design, CAD, planning, architecture, construction, BIM and other commercial applications.

All models feature a high resolution multi-touch display with no raised bezel - stylish, ergonomic and very functional. They work with finger, glove and passive stylus.

55" & 65" Lift & Tilt

Touch tables with a Full-HD 55" or 4K resolution 55" or 65" multi-touch display. Designed and assembled in the USA the robust construction uses high quality actuators from Denmark for height & angle adjustment. Easily relocated with locking wheels and the option of a road case.

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Wall Mounted Lift & Tilt

Touch screen plan tables for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Sizes include 42", 55" and 65".

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Height Adjust

Four touch table versions, 42" & 55" Full-HD and 55" & 65" 4K with a completely flat, clear glass 10 or 40 point multi-touch display on an electrically height adjustable base.

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