Volanti touch screen tables website
Touch screen table

Touch Screen Table Webpage

May 27, 2016

Here at Volanti we have been working on producing touch screen tables to complement our range of touch screen monitors – the first web page covering this is at: www.volantidisplays.com/landing/touch-screen-tables.html The first model is a 65″ 4K […]

Touch screen table

Touch Screen Table

May 10, 2016

Touch screen table built with a custom metal enclosure, the Volanti 65″ 4K touch screen display with InGlass touch technology and an integrated i7 Intel based PC. See below for a photo of the finished product. […]


The Changing Business of AV Integration

May 9, 2016

By Dan Daley, Special to InfoComm International® The pro-AV business landscape has been fluid for some time. The tectonic shift from analog to digital as the technological foundation of the industry set the tone for […]