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About Volanti Displays Founded in 2014, Volanti Displays stands on the robust foundation of over 35 years of display industry expertise held by our founders. Specializing in medium to large display systems, we cater to niche commercial markets with a keen focus on innovative solutions. A prime example of our ingenuity is the Volanti Plan Review Table. Originating from our expertise in displays and touchscreen display technology, we identified a need for ergonomic solutions. Traditional wall-mounted touch screens often fall short in certain interactive scenarios, prompting our venture into developing products that integrate high-resolution displays with optimal ergonomics, specifically designed for graphical plan reviews requiring extensive pan and zoom functionalities. Customer feedback and many iterations have led to our current plan review table models.

Design & Innovation At Volanti, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We continually seek new opportunities to enhance our products, whether through major design overhauls or subtle yet impactful improvements. Customer feedback is a cornerstone of our design process, guiding our innovation to align with user needs.

In designing the Volanti Plan Review Table, we aimed to harmonize quality, functionality, and aesthetics. This pursuit led to a product that balances form and function seamlessly. We use quality components, such as display electronics from Digital View and actuators from Linak, coupled with leading display and touch technologies. Our commitment to local craftsmanship is evident in our locally fabricated metal parts. The finished plan review table is assembled in-house, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Our primary market is B2B, encompassing a diverse range of commercial users. We have proudly served clients at all stages of the construction industry and very many branches of local and federal government, including public service-related organizations.

Environmental Responsibility
Volanti Displays recognizes the inherent environmental challenges in manufacturing electronic products. While we operate in an industry where perfect environmental stewardship is complex, we are committed to making responsible choices wherever possible. Based in California, a state at the forefront of environmental initiatives, we routinely send scrapped electronics to specialist recyclers and metal parts to our local metal fabricator for recycling. Our approach includes selecting materials that enhance recyclability, and continually seeking ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We understand that this is a continuous process, and we are dedicated to exploring avenues to harmonize our operations with environmental awareness.

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