New Plan Review Table

Volanti has launched their new Plan Review Table with 4K touch screen display sizes 65″, 55″ and 43″.

The new table provides a number of new features and options. One of the enhancements across the models is the addition of front-mounted adjustment paddles. The 43″ gets a brightness boost and is now optically bonded. It is sturdy construction, steel feet and structural beams, and aluminum enclosures with a hard-wearing powder coat. We do our design and assembly of the display and table in California.

Here is the 65″ model with and without the various options:

Height & Tilt Adjust Paddles

One of the enhancements is the new easy-access height and tilt adjust paddles on the front of the display.

Volanti plan review table with easy adjust height & tilt paddles


A list of the various options includes the following:

  • Side monitor, this can be mounted on either side or both sides,
  • Laptop tray, can be mounted on either side,
  • Keyboard tray, this is wide enough for a full-width keyboard and an area for a mouse,
  • Webcam, this mounts on the top of the display,
  • Accessory bracket, this attaches to the accessory tray on the back to provide a mounting for other accessories,
  • Retractable power reel,
  • PC, graphics workstation,
  • Battery backup,
  • Color options.
  • Other customization. As we design and assemble the table and display in our facility in California we can offer customization to meet specific requirements.

This graphic highlights where the accessories are placed:


Here is the new plan review table web page:

If you have questions about this new